Pitchers Mound Construction

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  • Building & repair of high-quality pitchers mounds
  • Game-day mounds and bullpen areas 
  • Installation of clay in batters boxes and catchers box
  • We utilize both loose-fill clay and BLOX clay bricks

Field Laser Grading

Infield Renovation

Infield Lip Removal

Sod Installation

  • Save time, labor, and money on athletic field renovation
  • Eliminate hauling and disposal costs
  • Our KORO Field Topmaker can remove the top layer of sod and soil to a depth of 2"
  • Great for emergency repairs on overused athletic fields, or normal stripping for repairs
  • Will allow you to reuse your own soil


  • Our warning tracks' solid aggregate base protects fielders from impending danger
  • We install warning tracks on new fields or fields that do not currently have tracks
  • We also topdress, regrade and refresh your existing run-down tracks
  • Warning track aggregate available in various colors

Sod Removal

Warning Track Installation

  • Improve player safety and water drainage on your field by having Van's Enterprises remove dangerous infield lips
  • We perform various methods of lip repair, depending on the severity of the buildup
  • Installation of new infield mix
  • Regrading of infield to proper slope to aid drainage and eliminate puddles
  • Repair or re-installation of infield grass
  • Removal of infield grass to convert to an all-skinned infield
  • Full-service sports field sod installation throughout Chicagoland, northern Illinois, and southern Wisconsin.
  • Resod the middle of your football field
  • Replace worn soccer goal mouths
  • Repair distressed turf areas on your baseball field
  • We use big roll sod for faster play after installation

Van's Enterprises uses four forms of laser grading for regrading athletic fields.  We take finish grading to a higher level for athletic fields.

  • We regrade baseball & softball infields, warning tracks, football & soccer fields, and ice rinks
  • Utilization of dual-slope laser technology
  • Continual discing for native soil fields