Weed and feed without any added chemicals

Avenger weed killer is an effective non-selective herbicide that harnesses the power of citrus to strip away the waxy cuticle of the weed, leaving it to dehydrate and die in sunlight. Unlike many chemical-based weed killers, Avenger is immediately safe to be used in areas with children and pets.

Quantum Growth products contain selected consortiums of natural microorganisms to help increase the health of your soil. These microorganisms are an essential part in maintaining a healthy ecosystem within your soil, and with healthier soil comes a healthier plant.

Environmentally-friendly/Sustainable Products

Healthy soil makes for a healthy plant

With products ranging from starter fertilizers to fully organic products, Keyplex is perfect for a wide range of crops, plants, and grasses. KeyPlex products contain specific combinations of selected micronutrients to stimulate plant resistance to infection and aid in eradicating the damaging effects of environment stresses.


Reduce input and increase yield with natural micronutrients

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We believe that environmentally sustainable products are the future of applications in this field and are glad to see that interest in these products has increased substantially in the last few years. We have meticulously chosen the products we carry and have tested them all on various athletic fields, home lawns, and gardens and have found them all to be greatly effective in their own way.

Click product logos to be taken to our dedicated sustainable product website, www.nice2natureproducts.com. Products can be ordered online or by giving us a call at (847)367-7828 for ordering or more information.

Eliminate weeds with the power of citrus

 Plant Health Plant and Soil Amendments

Pro Turf with Weed Control is a granular 10-0-2 fertilizer with a pre emergent herbicide that provides superior control of crab grass and other grassy and broadleaf weeds. Pro Turf with Weed Control is a minimum risk pesticide compliant with EPA 25b. 1 bag treats 10,000 to 16,000 sq ft.

Pest Management