Topdressing is an important turf maintenance practice that smooths playing surfaces, breaks down the thatch layer, and can improve soil structure.  Van's Enterprises will help you get started on your topdressing program.  We apply the proper topdressing materials to your sports turf, infield, warning track, or pathway surfaces.


Van's enterprises will help you find the best topdressing materials for your field.  Materials available include:

  • USGA Sand
  • Organic/sand mixes (various percentages)
  • Pro’s Choice Soilmaster Bulk
  • Pro’s Choice Soilmaster Blends
  • Topressing turfgrass improves both agronomic and playing conditions
  • Smooth playing surface: Topdressing will provide a more uniform slope for the ball and player. Most importantly, will it allow for uniform surface drainage, eliminating “bird baths”.
  • Modify Thatch Layer: Topdressing modifies the thatch layer, maintaining adequate soil macroporosity and providing a better growing environment for the grass plant by aiding microbial activity for thatch decomposition.
  • Change Soil Texture: With continual core cultivation and subsequent topdressing to incorporate more favorable materials. Over time, the soil texture will change, and the soil and surface conditions will improve.
  • Provide Resiliant Surface: Topdressing new materials, can change the surface characteristics and provide a more resilient surface that will retain macroporosity more readily.
  • Provide favorable environment for seed germination: Topdressing provides a favorable environment for seed germination by providing seed/soil contact, and reducing evaporation of water.

Why Topdress?

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Topdressing Materials

Topdressing Grade(SM) Turf Management Program

  • Filing the depressed areas “levels” the playing field.
    Area is aerated, low/worn areas are filled, with the remainder of the topdressing dispersed evenly over the remainder of the field.
  • This spreading is accomplished using small lightweight motorgrader with smooth tires. This assures a level grade, minimal disruption of existing turf, and minimal compaction of the playing field.
  • Bare areas are broadcast seeded and mulched. The entire field is “AERA-Vated” while seeding the field