Sod Removal With KORO Field Topmaker

When it’s time to strip the sod from your football, soccer, or baseball field, save time and money by choosing Van’s Enterprises.  Our KORO field topmaker has been used with great results on sod removal projects throughout Illinois.  Often, the field does not even need to be regraded after using the topmaker.  Call us to learn why our sod removal system is the best choice for your athletic field.

  • Save time, labor, and money on athletic field renovation
    Eliminate hauling and disposal costs
  • The KORO Field Topmaker removew the top layer of sod and soil to a depth of 2"
  • Great for emergency repairs on overused athletic fields, or normal stripping for repairs
  • Allows you to reuse your own soil

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The KORO Field Topmaker can be set to strip up to 2” depth in one pass, and big roll sod can also be reinstalled up to 2” thick. The field doesn’t have to be regraded before installation of the new sod because the machine follows the existing grade precisely. With the KORO Field Topmaker, just strip and reinstall new sod.


The KORO Field Topmaker eliminates the need to haul excess sod from your site. This can eliminate the cost of hauling and dump fees. The material removed from the field you need to strip, will be stockpiled on site for your use later, or may be topdressed onto another field with your own materials.

 No need to purchase topsoil/topdressing for future projects

Sod no longer accepted at landfills/strip mining operations