• Use with most painting machines
  • Allows for spray in both directions, covering both sides of grass blades
  • Field line will look better from both directions

Twin Spray Nozzle

  • Sprays 1 can, stores 12 cans
  • Adjust line from 2” to 6”
  • 2 cans spray at same time to cover both sides of grass blade
  • Extra wide pneumatic wheels for ease of pushing
  • Gives the best line with ease of application
  • Pneumatic wheels to absorb shock
  • Wider axle base makes roll smoother
  • Sprays 1 can, stores 12 cans

SS 10 Sharp Stripe 10

SS2 CAT Line Marker

Powerliner 800

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SSAT Sharp Stripe All Terrain

  • Use for field layout
  • Use for logo painting/marking
  • Available in short or long-handled

Van's Enterprises can help you select the best paint line marker for your maintenance crew.  We carry a wide variety of paint spayers to meet your athletic field marking needs.  Remember to look at our selection of aerosol marking paints.

  • Airless paint sprayer
  • Large pneumatic wheels for  ease of rolling
  • Weighs only 65lbs. For ease of  use and transport
  • Carries 5 gallon of paint
  • 1/4” x 25’ hose included for hand applications/logos

Hand Paint Wands