Bench Zone Sideline Turf Protector

  • Non-woven geo textile turf blanket
  • Non-absorbent and durable material allows air, moisture and sunlight to penetrate
  • Can be left on turf for longer periods of time
  • Increases temperature 6—9 degrees
  • Medium (3 oz) & heavy (6 oz)  materials available

Frost/Germination Turf Blanket

Bunt Zone(TM) Infield Turf Protector & Training Aid

  • Cleats cannot penetrate but rain, drinks, etc… drain through and are not absorbed
  • Latest generation of PVC-polyester tight matrix material
  • Non-absorbent and durable material allows air and sunlight to penetrate, allowing to be left on turf for longer periods of time.
  • Grommets installed every 18”
  • Custom sizing and graphics available
  • Standard sizes: 15’ x 150’,  15’ x 125’,  15’ x 100’,  15’ x 75’,  15’ x 50’

Protect your baseball infield grass during batting practice.  Save your football and soccer sidelines from the impact of players standing in the bench areas.  Van’s Enterprises sells turf covers for athletic fields in Illinois and Wisconsin.  To help your turf recover faster from cold weather, ask about our sports turf germination blankets.

  • The only infield turf protector that doubles as the perfect bunting & batting practice target training system.
  • Bunt Zone Protectors have built-in color coded targets to teach correct bunting placement for a hit (Yellow ), for a sacrifice (Green), and for a sure OUT (Red).
  • Constructed with a special 9 oz. Vinyl coated mesh, with UV and mildew inhibitors. Tolerant to spike traffic. All seams are fusion welded
  • Full perimeter has 1” hems. Grommets (10) installed at corners and color change points. Special heavy duty, low profile ground staples provided.
  • 3 standard sizes:  Large: 20’ deep x 24’ x 64’,  Med.: 15’ deep x 24’ x 54’,  Little League/Softball: 15’ deep x 18’ x 48’
    Custom sizes and colors are available.


  • Bunt Zone(tm) Zones: Separate Yellow and Red Zones to overlay on your existing green protector
  • Bunt Zone(tm) Cage: Sized to fit inside your batting cage
  • Bunt Zone(tm) Gym: for bunting practice in gymnasium. Self  weighted with chain down each foul line to keep unit in place

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