Aer-Flo Ballasted Windscreen

  • PVC vinyl coated polyester
  • 3 year warranty
  • Air vents every 10’, if requested
  • Grommets every 1’
  • Reinforced hems
  • Custom sizes
  • 10 colors: Red, Grey, Black, White, Blue, Light Green, Dark Green, Yellow, Brown or Orange

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Polyethylene Knitted Windscreen

Features Ballasted Wind Gate (BWG) technology, Aer-Flo Ballasted Windscreen automatically opens to allow high velocity winds thru…NO MATTER THE WIND DIRECTION OF WIND

Individual 5 ft. wide Ballasted Windscreen units are attached to chain link fence only along their tops, and the units are installed alternately on both sides of the fence.   The bottom of each section has a sand filled PVC pipe inserted thru its entire width in a triple-reinforced pocket. This bottom weight is engineered to provide just the right amount of ballast to hold the weighted windscreen unit in a vertical position during lighter, tennis-playable winds, but it automatically opens up to let higher velocity winds flow thru, significantly reducing wind stress on the fence. SINCE HALF OF THE WINDSCREEN UNITS ARE ON EACH SIDE OF THE FENCE, HALF OF IT OPENS UP NO MATTER THE WINDS DIRECTION. This solves the problem of high velocity winds damaging the fence.

How does it save money? Ballasted windscreen pays for itself by:

  • Reduce the labor cost of windscreen installation. Only the top needs to be attached, and one person can do it
  • Reducing the labor cost to re-attach damaged, removed, or rolled-up windscreen after a high wind event.
  • Eliminating the capital cost to replace windscreen damaged by a high wind event.
  • Eliminating the very high capital cost to replace an entire fence, or section of it, damaged by a high wind event.


  • Standard units are made with vinyl coated polyester windscreen fabric
  • Dark Green and Black  Standard
  • 5’ Width x 6’ Height only

Let Van’s Enterprises install windscreens for your outfield fence, tennis courts, or anywhere you need more privacy or a windbreak.  Call us to find out which high-quality windscreen is best for your athletic field.  We install throughout Illinois and Wisconsin.

CUSTOM Windscreen

  • Cut to size for on your installation
  • Roll lengths of, 6’ x 150’. 8’ x 150’, 9’ x 150’
  • Dark green color only 
  • Available for immediate delivery