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Ground Socket Auger

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  • Ground sockets for layout of corner/pivot points on any athletic field
  • Flexible rubber top for player safety
  • Save time for field layout year after year
  • Use for installation of various applications
  • Provides ground sockets with plugs in various quantities
  • Installation accessory kits included
  • MKFLP50 (50 sockets & kit for FB-5 yd. increment, hash mark, goals)
  • KFH146 (14 sockets & kit, 6 flags, and storage bag)
  • MKSVP254 (25 sockets & kit, 4 corner flags, and storage bag)
  • MKSL25 (25 sockets & kit, 8 line pegs)

MarkSmart™ Ground Socket Plugs

MarkSmart™ Field Marking System

Eliminates the repeated measuring and staking, after installation, just “Connect the Dots”

  • Core spot of corner or pivot
  • Place ground socket into hole, Insert socket setter into ground socket
  • Using rubber mallet tap socket setter until ground socket is at turf surface
  • Insert lining peg into ground socket,
  • Attach string to lining peg and extend to next point, Just “Connect the Dots” and line your field
  • Color coded caps allow for easy recognition of multiple field layouts on a single field
  • Available in 3 colors: Orange, Yellow, and White 
  • Quicker way to install numerous sockets than standard pilot hole tool