Van’s Enterprises is Chicagoland’s distributor for Pro’s Choice Soilmaster.  This exceptional product promotes better turf growth when incorporated into the rootzone.  Van’s Enterprises will integrate Soilmaster into your turf with our equipment or ship it to you for your crew to use.

  • Allows play to continue faster after a downpour
  • Creates space for roots to spread
  • Resists compaction for years
  • Allows important soil gas exchange ( O2 and CO2 )
  • Stores water and nutrients for roots

Four ways Soilmaster promotes better turf growth:

  1. Loose, porous soil structure created by Soilmaster granules increases needed soil oxygen and releases other soil gases such as carbon dioxide
  2. Non-compacting, non-decomposing granules keep soil loose, improve infiltration, and balance water retention/drainage
  3. Roots spread more easily in looser soil, strengthening and anchoring turf more firmly
  4. The unique internal porosity of soilmaster granules manages soil, water, and nutrients, releasing them as needed


Pro's Choice Soilmaster Turf

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